As seen in the New York Times, Men's Health, Forbes and Los Angeles Confidential. As seen in the New York Times, Men's Health, Forbes and Los Angeles Confidential.

Rapid Rehydration

Natural liquid electrolyte concentrate to support rapid muscle recovery, reduced cramps & endurance. Keto & Paleo friendly.

Cellular Detox

Natural liquid magnesium concentrate to support cell detox, muscle recovery, stress-relief & sleep. Keto & Paleo friendly.

People Love Us

I am so happy to finally have a natural product that has no sweeteners in it. It has little to no taste to it. I'm totally in love. I've even recommended it to friends. I try to eat as clean as I can, and as an athlete I need replacements. Thankfully I have this!

Great Great Great product, especially if you work out in the heat like I do. Works great to cure a hangover too! I usually don't review things I buy but this one I had to, I'll use it as long as it's made!!!!

I am currently on a keto diet and getting in my electrolytes on a daily basis is essential. Hi-Lyte makes it simple and convenient. I can squeeze a few drops into my shaker cup and mix it with any supplements I take.

I have struggled my whole life with staying hydrated. I have become very health conscious since I turned 16 and I drink NOTHING but water, coffee and the occasional brewskis. This product has literally changed my life. Not only am I constantly hydrated and more energetic everyday, but I haven't had a hangover since I bought this product.

This stuff is great! I follow a ketogenic diet and need to watch my electrolytes. This stuff works wonders for me. Helps to keep me hydrated even on days where I work out for over an hour. It's a life saver!

The product has better nutrients than G2, it totally carb free, no taste and simple to dispense (I just shake the bottle 12 times like you would a bottle of Tabasco). But the efficacy Hy-Lite can only be assessed in that I have not had any muscle cramps, I feel totally hydrated and do not have 'ketosis breath' or strong smelling urine.