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"I bought a bottle of this before I did a long endurance hiking weekend. Knowing there was limited food and maybe even limited water I figured I would need to replace electrolytes. These were a big life saver for me and the guys I was with as a lot of them experienced bad cramping and these seemed to help it tremendously. I took them which prevented cramping. I now use them in place of sugary recovery drinks after long runs or vigorous exercise. These are a great addition to my nutrition regimen. Thanks again!"
"Recently, I joined a kickboxing gym and have been doing the hardest, most intense workouts I’ve ever done in my life. I leave each class drenched in sweats and end up being sore for the next few days. My boyfriend kept telling me to drink gatorade for the electrolytes but with all the sugar and unnecessary added ingredients, I felt like it would basically be cheating in my diet. I did some research and came across your product, Hi-Lyte. I absolutely love the fact that this product is only the necessary ingredients to put the electrolytes back in my body that I lost during my workout! I feel like I fueling my body to a quicker recovery rather then drinking a ton of sugar and giving it extra stuff it doesn’t need. The taste is unnoticeable too!"

"I’ve been using Hy-lite every day for a week and I’m impressed. I struggle with autoimmune issues and always have swollen hands/feet. I take supplemts that have magnesium, potassium, etc., but it never helped with the swelling. After a week on Hy-lite, I’ve been able to wear rings that I haven’t worn in years because they now fit my fingers again. And my feet are a normal size! No puffiness or tingling. My lips are no longer peeling and dry. Truly amazing. I LOVE that there is virtually no taste and the no-leak bottle is easy to take on the go."

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