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One of the core needs our bodies have when transitioning into ketosis involves hydration. Your body will run the risk of tapping your water storages while on the keto diet. A few of the biggest symptoms people face include cramping and fatigue, which are often directly tied to hydration. This is where supplementing your electrolytes and drinking more water are really beneficial in combating these symptoms. Hi-Lyte™ replaces the electrolytes lost through sweat with more potassium than a banana. Hi-Lyte™ is bioavailable and its liquid formulation gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

Are you Working Out too?

Chances are you’re looking to burn up some additional fat by doing Keto, which means you’re probably more active and further dehydrating your body in the form of sweat. When we sweat, we lose electrolytes. Hi-Lyte wants to offer a simple solution to that problem by turning any drink, even water, into your own personalized sports drink that keeps your endurance levels high and diet on track.

Got Potassium or Magnesium?

Since the keto diet restricts a lot of potassium rich foods, supplementing that electrolyte is almost a necessity. The same general idea goes for magnesium, where low levels can be the cause of headaches and sleeplessness.


Hi-lyte offers more Potassium than a banana and 45mg of Magnesium in the same serving.

How long will the Keto Flu last?

This varies from person to person with some people reporting symptoms for 2-3 weeks. The majority of the causes are the withdrawals from carbs and the dehydration of their bodies. We want to help you by keeping your body fueled and hydrated.