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When a Malaysian flight crashed over the Indian Ocean in 2014, the search for the wreckage uncovered massive islands of plastic waste and our founder began to realize the depths of the single serve bottled water problem. Seeing that this was one of the great environmental challenges of our generation, he joined a water start-up with paper-based packaging, but soon found that this was not a silver bullet. He switched to a reusable water bottle, but wanted to be able to get more, natural minerals and electrolytes than he was getting in his filtered water.

In 2016, he started a Paleo, then Low Carb Keto diet and needed to increase his electrolyte intake as a result. He needed electrolytes with no sugar, calories or additives and couldn’t find anything that met his needs. This combination of challenges led him to a new way to contribute to the solution.

He found that by concentrating natural ionic sea minerals, he could create an electrolyte solution that turns your basic, filtered water into an electrolyte-rich, isotonic beverage – with absolutely no calories, sugar or additives. He also learned that ionic sea minerals are the only minerals that are truly natural and bioavailable -- and in perfect balance to be absorbed into the cells of your body.

With less packaging than a single bottle of water (but enough electrolytes for 96 16oz bottles of water), he found he could reduce packaging waste by over 96% by using concentrated electrolytes with his reusable water bottle. With higher electrolyte and potassium levels than existing waters and even sports drinks, he found he could get exactly what he wanted nutritionally with none of the bad stuff.

And that’s how Hi-Lyte was born! Today we offer electrolytes and trace minerals of all kinds but always stay true to our goals to provide the cleanest and best ionic sea minerals and electrolytes available –while minimizing environmental waste.

Join us. Your body and the planet will thank you!